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If I have a motto it is, ‘I care.’ Above all, in career and life, I continue to search for and share proactive ways to help increase efficiency and streamline processes. All of this must be done with the understanding that we are all people with gifts and challenges and personal lives that affect our daily interactions. I believe that no matter the size or influence of the customer, everyone deserves the same high quality interaction and accountability from me. Making mistakes is inevitable, but as Orlando A. Battista wrote: “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

Most recently I learned that regardless of the industry, success is dependent upon the enablement and motivation of not just an end customer, but everyone involved in the process. Every day is an opportunity for awesome, no matter the industry.

Continuous improvement, learning and process optimization are what make working fun for me. I always look for personal growth in instructional design, business communications, graphic design and workflow optimization. Key words for a great job fit: Creative, research, meaningful, continuous improvement, account management, training, development, environmental/health/safety (EHS), publishing, office manager.

My dream job would be to work remote as a graphic designer/ instructional designer/ administrative/ continuous improvement specialist. I truly love helping others learn, grow and surpass expectations.

I will be most effective and happiest in a job that allows me to use my Bachelor degree in Graphic Design/Visual Communication and Associates degree in Business Administration. Years of experience and many technical skills have bolstered my confidence that the right doors will open at the right time.

My artistic skills focus on detail, especially in illustration and line-work. I am eager to learn new skills and systems as technology evolves. My online design portfolio is available *here*.

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